Next hearing October 29

Update: on October 8, the hearing originally scheduled for September 25, and then postponed to October 9, was again postponed. The new date is October 29.

A hearing on our constitutional challenge to California’s “top two” elections has been scheduled for October 29. This hearing will about defendant Debra Bowen’s “demurrer” to the suit (a demurrer is a motion to dismiss a lawsuit without holding a trial). Unless the court grants the defendant’s motion, there will be further hearings on the merits of our case.

The plaintiffs encourage supporters in the Bay Area to attend this important court hearing.

The hearing is scheduled for 9:00am on Monday, October 29 in Department 16 of the court, located at 1221 Oak Street in Oakland, before Judge Lawrence John Appel. If there are last minute changes in the schedule, they will be posted here as soon as we learn about them.